Stormy (Mikelli Dark N Stormy)
November 1, 2002 - April 2, 2014

Stormy came from Queensland on his third birthday to become the great stud dog of Aloha Labradors. He carried Avokah chocolate breeding from his Champion father. and he sired many chocolate and black puppies with Ella, Penny, and Bonnie. He was a prince of a guy that everyone loved, especially all the girls.
Ella (Gamefield Enchantress)
December 1, 2001 -- September 2, 2015

Ella is the founding dam of the kennel, and she retired from breeding in 2009. She came from New Zealand at 8-weeks of age, from excellent Avokah breeding that was imported into New Zealand by the daughter of the leading kennel owner in Queensland. So, she's really an Aussie but with an international champion sire from Finland. Ella's the queen of the kennel, the Grande Dam to whom everyone gives respect. Her daughter Emily carried on her mother's and father's lines through daughters Sasha, Abigail, and Camille.
Bonnie (Avokah Choclyt Brownie)
July 26, 2004 - present

Bonnie was a special import from Avokah Labradors when she was 10-month old. Marilynn Walsh, Avokah's owner, kept both Bonnie and a brother for conformation shows, but she developed health problems and decided to let me have the lovely Bonnie. Never has their been a sweeter dog. Bonnnie's son James carries on her lovely temperament to the next generations of chocolate puppies. Bonnie retired in 2013 and now lives with the Jackson's in North Kona
Zoe (Cranlamilla Dreamtime)
November 8, 2007 -- present

Zoe and her sister Frances came to Aloha Labradors as 8-week old puppies in January 2008. They came from a kennel in NSW that specialized in chocolate breeding with Avokah and other excellent bloodlines. Frances' hips did not pass OFA exam, so she was placed as a pet at 2 years of age. Zoe had 4 small litters, before a local veterinarian did a premature C-Section, and she lost all of the puppies. It was a horrible experience for Zoe, and for me, and I vowed not to put her through any such trauma again. Zoe is the very happy companion of Tom Buckner and his wife Michele in North Kona.
Emily (Aloha Emily Dickenson)
March 13, 2006 -- 2018

Emily was born in a litter of eight puppies to Ella and Stormy. From a few weeks of age until now, Emily has always had a streak of the dickens, a wee bit of perversity and sense of humor that set her apart. For example, Emily would intercept a tennis ball intended for another dog and refuse to return it to the thrower. Instead, she would take the ball to the edge of the pool, and, as the intended dog approached, she would casually nose the ball into the pool, so the original dog had to swim to get it. Emily also had brilliant litters, so beautiful I have kept three of her daughters and a granddaughter for the breeding program. No dog has had more fun or been more delightful than Miss Dickens. In late 2014 Emily is going to live with a family in Hilo who will cherish her as I have.
Sasha (Aloha Sweet Sasha)
March 17, 2008 -- present

Sasha was a great, all-round girl at Aloha Labradors. Sasha was much like her mother, Emily, in all the nice ways Labs can be. She had 5 litters of gorgeous puppies, including one litter of Labradoodles (with Teddy, the red standard Poodle). Sasha was the loving companion of Joslyn Kabalis until she retired from breeding. Now she is a happy house dog with a family in Hilo.
Maggie (Eraky Mary Mary, imp. Australia)
January 14, 2014 to August 15, 2016

Maggie was a perfectly lovely girl, who was caught up in the terrible Parvovirus epidemic that we had in August 2016. At the time, Maggie had four puppies under 5 weeks of age. The vet said the amount of parvo exposure was just too much for her, and she died at the Ali'i veterinary hospital. Maggie was a great loss to all of us. Her puppies all survived and went on to be fine family companions in Hawaii.
Abigail (Aloha Emily's Abigail of Timberline Big Ben)
April 30, 2009 -- present

Abby is one of the loveliest, most beautiful Lab females I have ever known. She was a joy throughout her breeding career -- a wonderful mother and fun family member. But at 8-years-of-age, it was time to let her retire. She went to a Honolulu family with three young children, who are crazy about Abby, and she about them.
Amber (Spiritrock Touch of Amber, imp. Australia)
July 11, 2013 -- present

After having two lovely litters of puppies, Amber developed a stubborn uterine infection that required her to be spayed in December 2017. She is being placed with a fine family, who will cherish her as a family companion.
Elsa (Labraddell Just Sassy, imp. Australia)
December 10, 2012 -- present

Elsa is a lovely girl with a fabulous pedigree, but she never came into season to breed. At the age of 4 years, I decided to place her as a pet with a family on Kauai, who had recently lost a black female of similar age. Elsa has a wonderful family and loving home.
Aloha Kona Coffee (James)
AKC SR46372403
December 4, 2007 -- present

James is a wonderfully gentle, calm, adorable boy. He has always gotten along with all the other dogs and everyone he meets. When he reached 10-years-of-age in December 2017, he retired from breeding. James is living with the other Labs here, running and swimming, carefree.
Camille (Aloha Emily's Camille of Timberline Ben), AKC SR63024601
Camille's Pedigree
OFA (Prelim) Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF Clear Eyes, EIC clear, CNM clear.
DOB: 7/05/2010
Like her sister Abigail, Camille is a loving, calm, sensitive companion. Since retiring from breeding last year, Camille is my "house dog". She sleeps on my bed, follows me around the house, and keeps me company. I hope she will be my buddy for years to come.
Rose (Aloha Ravishing Rose), AKC SR74137704
Rose's Pedigree: daughter of Aloha Emily's Camille of Timberline Ben and Amari Kula Palekana, OFA Hip Good, Elbows Normal. OFA Eyes Clear. CNM Clear by parentage. EIC Carrier.
DOB. 08/20/2012
Phoebe (Aloha Phabulous Phoebe), AKC SR73116301
Phoebe's Pedigree. granddaughter of Croftsway Penny Brown.and Mikelli's Dark N Stormy, OFA (Prelim) Hips Good, Elbows Normal, OFA Eyes Clear, EIC Clear by parentage.
DOB: 5/23/2012
Lily (Labraddell Precious Pearl, Imp. Australia), AKC SR83662101
Lily's Pedigree, Hips 1:1 (OFA Excellent, International Grade A), Elbows 0:1 (Normal), OFA Eyes Clear, PRA and EIC Clear by Parentage.
DOB: 05/14/2013
Amari Kula Palekana (Samson), imp. Australia, AKC SR63006601
Sampson's Pedigree, OFA (Prelim) Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF Clear Eyes, DNA # V638509. EIC carrier, CNM clear
DOB: 03/08/2010
Lacote The Composer (Mozart) imp. Australia, AKC SR79555001
Mozart's pedigree Hips 2:6, Elbows 0:0, PRCD Clear, EIC Clear Mozart is owned by Jan MacMillan
DOB: 03/20/2011