Welcome to Aloha Labradors, located in Holualoa, Hawaii, on the Kona side of the big island of Hawaii.  Sandra Scarr began the kennel in 2001, when she bought a coffee farm with room for labs to run, explore, swim, and enjoy Hawaii’s fine climate.

We specialize in sound, good-looking, black, chocolate, and yellow Labrador Retrievers, with great temperaments.  Our dogs are companions — calm, reliable, and easy to train.  Check out two of our beautiful labs in the Eddie Bauer Summer 2011 Catalog!  Some of our our puppies starred in a video to promote Minnesota “can do canines”. Another star is Didi Chen’s beautiful yellow girl, Kona, who is featured in magazine ads for Tails of Hawaii.  Some of our puppies are great bird dogs. Many others are prized family companions.  See the customers page for comments and photos.

The foundation bitches and stud dogs were imported from Gamefield and Croftsway Kennels in New Zealand and from Avokah, Mikelli, Lacote, Spiritrock, and Labraddell Labradors in Australia.  These fine kennels breed for conformation and performance, in field, obedience, and agility settings.  We breed to the international Labrador standard.  Our dogs are not tall and rangy like some us mainland labs.

Our dogs have extensive health testing for hips, elbows, eyes, and major genetic disorders of the breed.  Test results are posted on the girls and boys pages. All of the dogs are registered with the AKC. Litters are also registered with the AKC.

Our dogs and puppies are raised on a raw meat and meaty bones diet that keeps their teeth clean, gums healthy, and bodies in top condition.  Please visit pages for girls, boys, farm & kennel, customers, puppies, and care to see the dogs and how we live.