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Bucky Broach


Tipper and Peter at campfire, January 2016

Shotgun Brayton and Emma Malone at a play date on Oahu Brayton's puppy, Shotgun, disguised as skunk

 I just wanted to let you know how great of a dog he is, hardly barks, seems like he was already potty trained, really mellow, and has not chewed a single pair of shoes or slippers since the day I got him!  I couldn't imagine a better possible dog!




Samson Fisher making friends, April 2015

Ratliff's Duke with Boys Sabatino's Kona (age 8) with new baby

December 2014: Mele is great and growing so fast!  She's very strong-wiled at times, but she's also smart and therefore easy to train.  I can't imagine life without her anymore. We can't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives.


Maui families at airport, after picking up their puppies. November 2014

Three Oahu families with their puppies at a beach play date, January 2016

September 2015: Mele's First Birthday "Cake"!

 December 2015: Mele and Maya: Mele is a happy and healthy 15-month old now.  We love her more and more each day.  She continues to be high energy and is the life of the party at the dog park.  Let’s just say that everyone at the dog park knows her by name!  



Just wanted to let you know that Mele is doing well.  
She is 2 years old now and is still the life of the party at the dog park.  
The park we go to has access to Manoa stream where she goes to cool off after running with her friends.  
She continues to get compliments for her athleticism and her retrieving abilities.  
I can't thank you enough for allowing me to have one of your awesome puppies.  I can't imagine our life without her.

Michele Miyamoto 


Sophie Buesa with new best friend, Kimo      



Tipper Baldwin July 2015

Kevin & Kelly on Maui with Their New Puppy, June 2016

Loengard/Wijnberg Children with Their New Puppy, June 2016.

Surf and sand play date for Oahu Puppies


Dog of the Month
... when the votes were in, Emmett or “Bear” as the staff has affectionately named him, was the winner.  He is a 10 year old black Labrador.   When you see the picture of Emmett, you will immediately know how he got his nickname – he is one of our largest Labradors.  He was born in Hawaii – his grandma lives there and breeds Labradors.  He may be a descendant of Hawaiian royalty.  

Emmett can’t contain his excitement to join his friends in the morning.  Dragging his parents in the door, he immediately shows that “big dogs” can move too as he races down the hall to go outside!   After playtime with his friends, he’s ready for some serious attention from the staff and he knows how to get it!    He saunters up to his favorite human, Stephanie and sits and stares at her until she acknowledges him with lots of belly rubs and scratches.  He’s quite the manipulator! Emmett is an affectionate dog with both people and dogs. 

We love having Emmett at The Dog Hut.  Congratulations Emmett. 


Emmett in Wisconsin, owned by Phil and Amy Scarr

Just wanted to let you know we are over the moon with our new black puppy, Bear. He looks like a teddy bear and is such a sweet, calm dog. Our previous lab was a lot more wild so this is a nice change. It has taken our 2 little ones some time to take to him. Their not used to puppy nibbling but slowly and surely it is slowing down. He loves all the RMB we give him and are trying to keep his diet as well rounded as possible. Still in search of a good vet to bring him to. We are just as picky with his doctor as we are with a pediatrician. All in all Bear is doing great and only has had a few accidents in the house thus far. We are very happy with him.

Dana Reich  

Aloha Sandra,

 Day 5 with ILI'ILI. I just wanted to share with you that I am so in LOVE with this puppy. He is everything I had hoped for, and patiently waiting for the magic this puppy is going show as he grows and trains. I'm so glad to be retired so I that can be with him 24/7, to truly guide him, and learn from him. My other dogs never got that attention.   

I have to thank you for facilitating the creation of this puppy, these puppies. He is such a sweet, loving, beautiful, smart four legged. Yes, he has his stubborn side. You have a great combination of knowledge, passion, business savvy, and over all vision that not only provides special puppies, but really opens up for substantial therapy for the new owners. What I'm experiencing can't be unique.

Both my other dog and house kitten love him as well. I have to seriously restrain myself from just wanting to be all over him, because he so damn cute. But, of course, I know better. He's learned so much already. By day 2 he was responding to his name and focusing on me when called. Soon after, he started to come when called.

 As the wait was challenging, and having over, I received a incredible prize for the wait!

 Mahalo from Aloha Palekana ILI'ILI, Kulana (other dog), Marley (kitten) and of course, me!!!!

Hey Sandra!  

This is Kelly Foster from Kauai.  I bought your red collar boy he's about 10 months old now.  

Just wanted to say he is an amazing dog and extremely smart.  After his second time out he knew exactly what to do when we brought him out hunting for pheasant.

This great puppy is the son of Camille and Samson, 2012 litter


Kelly's Axle December 2013 with Obedience certificate

Handsome Axle July 2014

Axle Foster hunting pheasant


Rob Phillipson's Java on Kauai, May 2015

Java in the river, May 2015

Also on Kauai, puppy from Abigail-Samson litter, January 2014

Kali's growing up to be an awesome lab. He is about 95lbs now, very beautiful and loving. We've been hunting pheasants and doves together with Kelly and Axle and he performs well in the field, especially for his age (10 months now). I've got him to do retrieves off hand signals and he will recognize left, right, and straight ahead hand signals for retrieving. When shooting doves, Kali will sit and wait until he is sent for the retrieve. 

We also recently completed the 10 week novice dog obedience training and will be signing up for the intermediate class in the first quarter of next year.  

I am very proud to own one of your dogs and advocate for you and Aloha Labradors whenever I'm given the opportunity!




Norton's Nalu Elua August 2014

Gunner and his sister Minnie have a play date on Oahu

Gunner's Family takes him to the beach


Handsome Gunner

Hi Sandra,
I have been meaning to email you with an update on "Minnie", who we got from you in November.
First, I can't thank you enough for the great communication last year while we were waiting for our puppy. You were a pleasure to work with and I tell people about you and your dogs all the time.   


Minnie, is the best puppy we could have ever got. The entire family is completely in love with her.  She is a typical Labrador, loves going to the beach and loves EVERYONE (no exaggeration!!).

Minnie and her brother, Gunner, see each other at least twice a week, but usually more like 3 or 4 times.

 Not only did we get the perfect dog for us, but because of your puppies we have made life long friends with Gunner's family.


  I've attached three photos of Minnie. She is absolutely beautiful and smart!!!


  Thank you again for everything!!
Katie Ricks
& Family


What a great dog!

Hi Sandra,

I just wanted to send you a photo of our, Bailey. My mother Sugar Kenoi got her from you two years ago and because we planned on getting a chocolate lab with you I just wanted to send this picture of her with our family. She was I think part of Camille's litter in November of 2012. We love her and we love your breeds of Labradors, so we couldn't help but want another one, but this time a chocolate!

Storm Kenoi

Bailey Kenoi with her Family







Dawson's Puppy at the beach near Kahala


Pflueger's Tank  






Emma Malone

Morgan Shinno



Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for such a wonderful puppy. You obviously have an amazing household where you are able to raise such amazing dogs that are so prepared for a family. We couldn't be more impressed or pleased. He has adapted to everything with such ease. I have had little influence on his training other than simple reinforcement. Additionally, I have never had a better experience with any dog let alone a new puppy. I praise you immensely and thank you deeply. We hope to stay in touch (expect an annual Xmas card at a minimum). Much Aloha to you and yours.


Just wanted to take a moment to say how happy we remain with Lando. He is the best little boy. He has almost doubled his size in the first two weeks and he has learned much and remains very disciplined. He wants to desperately explore outside our yard, but he still has two weeks before his last shots. We are excited for that day! His eating habits along with all his other habits are impressive. He loves his chicken and beef with bones and has taken to vegetables slowly. He enjoys structure and respects boundaries and makes it easy on us with very little stress for all; I had a one week trip to the DC area and Julee was not only able to maintain control and discipline, but also teach him "down, stay, come," and further develop his retrieving trait. We absolutely love him. Mahalo!!


Wanted to give you a quick update. Lando continues to amaze. He received his last vaccination and can now go on walks. He is alert and responsive to his environment, but is most attracted/distracted by people. He absolutely LOVES people! He will recognize wildlife, but goes bonkers over humans, especially joggers. We are working on his socialization and keeping him calm. I have no concerns. Also, after only 4 walks, he can now go off leash and maintain his proper position (unless we see a person. Ha.) We are so very happy. Much Mahalos again.




Norton's Kimo, December 2013

Abigail Rose Vigneau, April 2014

Patterson's Motoki

Estanique's Duke

January 2014: On Oahu, Jacob and Spencer meet for the first time since they were 8 weeks old.  They still remember each other.  Both puppies are 11 months old now have become beautiful young adults. 

Second photo is Spencer at home.

....today one week ago, our little boy arrived. Every day, our little Kai brings those bright rays of Sunshine, ever so brightly into each of our life's. My daughter study's at UH for a Business Major and was on Spring break all week, so she was enjoying extra special time with our little sweetheart. We are in in such awe every time we look at Kai ( which is actually constantly ) he is such an exceptional Labbie! You, my dear Sandra, do so much more than breed and send off puppies... You raise the most calm, loving, beautiful and most precious Labrador Retrievers. You have a special gift and it reflects in your dogs. Not only do you know the fine art of your profession of breeding, I see and feel that you also attained the special gift to pair your puppies with the rightful owners.

Dear Sandra, as I said before... Thank You for all you do keep up the wonderful work . We will send you a card with a beautiful picture of Kai and my children (age 16 and 20) so you can see how very happy you made ALL of US 

Love, Sabine Pullins and Family


Sabatino's Kona

Pardini's Kimo


Tango Zimardi-Graybell with "sister" Chloe

Tango and friend Teddy Bear

Update on Ray (From the April 2013 litter – Stormy and Bonnie)

Ray is only just over a year old now, but I constantly get comments on how well behaved he is and how handsome he is (especially about his eyes and face). We just had our annual vet visit and the vet was very impressed with how white his teeth are and said she saw no reason we needed to start brushing his teeth. For his overall health she said he was at 100% with no issues. (Sandra's Note: The Raw-Meaty-Bones diet keeps teeth white and dogs in great health.)  She was also impressed with how well behaved he was and cooperative.

Ray learned to sit within minutes of being home, he knows: sit, stay, lay down, paw, other paw, go in your crate, go to your spot, wait, leave it, drop it, ok, beg, go get your toy, come, do you want to play, do you want to go outside, do you want to play basketball, go potty, and do nice. 


We trained him on our own, and he was very easy to teach since he is so smart and food driven. Ray never chewed any of our stuff even though we gave him an old shirt to cuddle with, he does not jump on the counters or people, and has never displayed any dominate behavior or aggressive behavior. He loves playing with other dogs, being around kids, and meeting new people.

Ray loves the beach and runs straight into the water with no fear. He also loves to go to daycare and play with other dogs, have playdates with his sister, go hiking, play tug of war, pull weeds out of the ground and eat them, and chew his antlers. We hope to train him to become a therapy dog so that we can visit hospitals with him. We absolutely adore him and can’t wait to bring him to the mainland when we move and see his reaction to snow for the first time!

-The Flannerys


Ray relaxing at home  

Ray at the beach


More Puppies Arrive on Maui

Angela and Kona at Golf Course

MOOSE, Aloha Labradors' cover boy, graced the Summer catalog of the Eddie Bauer Company.  Moose's photos are also seen in the online catalog. 

Moose is one of two Aloha Labs owned by Jack and Vicki Niederkorn of Waikoloa.  Moose is the son of Aloha Emily Dickenson and Amer./Can. CH Timberline Big Ben of Fawnhaven.  With great training and a beautiful dog, a star is born.

OLIVE, another Aloha Labrador offspring, also stars in the Eddie Bauer Summer catalog.  Olive is the daughter of Croftsway Penny Brown and Mikelli Dark N Stormy.  Olive is the pampered pet of Klaus and Kristen Klassert.  

MOOSE with Other Eddie Bauer Models







  OLIVE with another Eddie Bauer model


OLIVE hard at work

Another media star


Chen's Kona in magazine ads

Hey Sandra, i wana tell you thanks again for the loving and kindest 
dog.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog she is everything and 
more than i hoped for. here are some pictures of naiyah from a little puppy to what she is now.

Aloha, ola and naiyah


Naiyah when she arrived             Naiyah at the Beach with Ola


Naiyah and Her Family

Naiyah Now (February 2010)

My husband leaves for Iraq Monday and I wanted to tell you how much I love our dog.  I am so glad we got her when we did she has really bonded with my husband (even though everyone says I handle her much better).

She really is the best thing I have done in a while.  She still does puppy things but is getting much better.  I haven't been able to get her into puppy classes but have been working with her and I try to take her places were there are other dogs and children to teach her how to behave.  As far as lab pups go she is very calm.  Now she still spazs and counter surfs every once in a while but that is to be expected.  I would recommend one of your puppies and you were so nice to me while getting her.  Sienna now weighs a little over 50lbs and has the most beautiful color.  We really do love our dog.  Thanks again.


HI Sandra…I just wanted you to see what cute puppies you are responsible for!  Koa is such a good-natured puppy -- I just love him!  


Judy's son Mike with Koa


Koa as a young puppy

We are SO HAPPY with Nalu.  She's such a good dog!!  She has adjusted well to her new home, and we are looking forward to watching her grow.

Thank you so much!!

Pat and Jaysa

We are enjoying having Kona in our family.  I think he is adjusting to his new environment but I do believe that he misses all of you.  He has very good manners and enjoys keeping very close to one of us.  You helped him get off to a good start!

We received all of Kona's records and the special food menu.  It is great!

Thank you for everything.  Joanne

Some photos of our beautiful Hawaii Island

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