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Amari Kula Palekana (Samson), imp. Australia, AKC SR63006601 
Sampson's Pedigree, OFA (Prelim) Hips Good, Elbows Normal, CERF Clear Eyes, DNA # V638509. EIC carrier, CNM clear,  
DOB: 03/08/2010

Lacote The Composer (Mozart) imp. Australia, AKC SR79555001 

Mozart's pedigree
Hips 2:6, Elbows 0:0, PRCD Clear, EIC Clear, 

DOB: 03/20/2011

Mozart is owned by Jan MacMillan (808-936-9700)


Lacote Angus (Angus, imp. Australia) AKC SR99159403

Angus's Pedigree. Hips7:10 (of 106), Elbows 1:2, OFA Eyes Clear, PRCD Clear, EIC Clear by Parentage

DOB 02/02/2016



Rifintime Aloha Onyx (Apollo, Imp. Australia)  AKC pending

Apollo's Pedigree Hip, Elbow, and Eye Certication will be done when he is 12-months old. EIC Clear, PRA Clear.

DOB 07/23/2018


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